Darryl Sittler’s Business

Darryl Sittler retired from the National Hockey League in 1985 but he has kept really busy ever since and hasn’t really left the public’s eye.
Darryl is active in several charities and still works for the Toronto Maple Leafs organization and various companies doing golf tournaments, public speaking, signings and endorsements.

Golf Tournaments
If you organize a golf tournament and you think the tournament could benefit from having Darryl play golf and/or make a speech after the tournament, get in touch. Your organization will be pumped up and ready to lead your industry after hearing from Darryl about his brand of leadership.
Public Speaking
Darryl loves to come to events and speak about his life, his leadership qualities and the things that made him one of the most successful and popular Toronto Maple Leaf Players of all time. Telling stories of big wins, big goals, his Hockey Hall of Fame induction and what it takes to be a leader are some of things he’ll share with your organization.
Autograph Signings
Darryl Sittler will come to events and sign autographs. Retailers, manufacturers and a multitude of companies can benefit from having him come and sign jerseys, custom created literature and whatever is agreed to ahead of time. Store openings, grand re-openings, trade shows and customer appreciation events are all great situations that can benefit from a visit by Darryl.
TV Commercials

Want Darryl in a TV commercial to promote your business? His winning attitude, charm and popularity, make him an ideal partner and it should be something that’s explored. Get in contact with us and we’ll explore ideas and create a successful strategy.

Weetabix TV commercial

Radio Commercials
Radio is a great way to promote your business. Maybe a radio campaign that features Darryl is something you should consider to boost sales and exposure for your product or service?
Darryl looks great and is really fit. Print ads featuring Darryl would be something he’d have an interest in participating in as long as he likes your product or service and its culture. Keep him in mind for your next project / promotion driven by newspaper, magazine and other print vehicles.
Darryl is open to promoting companies he likes on his website. If you have a product or service that you’d like promoted and endorsed then we’d like you to send us a proposal.
Darryl is interested in being part of contests tied to a purchase in which the prize would be a week away with Darryl and his wife and/or a Dinner on the town with Darryl. Contests create excitement for retailers and can drive sales which, in these competitive times, is a smart idea. If you interested in hiring Darryl to be part of a promotional strategy, please get in touch and let’s chat.